We understand that there are questions and concerns that can arise when choosing the right company to provide lawn services for your home and business properties. We aim to put those questions and concerns to rest. This is why we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for you to review.

What types of fertilizer are used?

We apply a balanced liquid fertilizer each application. It is a combination of quick and slow release products to provide the proper nutrition during the season. Granular programs are available upon request, at a slightly higher cost.

When will applications be made?

Timing of the application may be as important as the contents. Therefore we schedule applications as to proper timing for your specific program. There is no need for you to be home at the time of application.

How will I be billed or make a payment?

After each application, an invoice is left at your door. Payment is due at time of application. A return envelope is included for mailing a payment. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Credit card payments are also accepted over the phone.

When is if safe to be on the lawn?

All products are EPA approved and are safe to use on your lawn. Please keep children and pets off the lawn until it dries (usually 1 hour).

When can I mow after applications?

It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before mowing. With broadleaf weed control applications, the longer the product is on the lawn, the better. It is also best to not remove clippings for the first mowing after application, this will also improve the products effectiveness.

Do I need to water following applications?

Your invoice will give specific instructions for each application. The crabgrass and grub applications require water after application. The broadleaf applications work best with no water for 24 hours. If rainfall does not occur within 2 days following an application, watering is recommended.

Will rain affect application?

The most effective weed control eliminates the plant in approximately 2 weeks. A hard rain, one or two hours after an application may affect the broadleaf control. If this occurs, wait two weeks and check the weed control. If the results are unsatisfactory, call our office for an inspection and proper action.

What is “Continuous Service Program?”

Once started, our regularly scheduled applications will continue from year to year, unless you notify us. We send a program renewal and pre-pay discount letter each November. You can add or delete treatments, or if moving, cancel service by phone or in writing at any time.

If the question you have does not appear in our FAQ please feel free to CONTACT US, and we would be happy to assist you.